Something exciting is happening in Grenada…

We are building the first Jewish Center of Grenada

Jewish Center of Grenada

Jewish Center of Grenada

About the Center

The Chabad movement has succeeded in reaching every corner of the world and Influencing almost all places where there are Jews. There are over 100 Chabad Houses on university campuses across the United States and the world.

The new Jewish Center of Grenada is is first and foremost a home for every Jewish person. We provide kosher food, hot meals on Shabbos and holidays, help when in crisis, a shoulder to lean on, Torah learning, and the skills and tools needed to keeping Judaism and its laws.

Our plans for the new Center include a large synagogue, a visitors’ center featuring Jewish history of the Caribbean, a kosher kitchen, a mikvah, classrooms and activity rooms, a social hall, offices. The new Center is a place of our own where spiritual guidance and learning, social activities and comfort are serving the people under one roof.

All this is done softly and with kindness, aiming at shining God’s light into the Jewish nation worldwide and the Jewish people in Grenada in particular. Read more about the activities and services of the Center on our About section